**This is a blemish part. All blemish parts are in perfect WORKING  condition. They're just not visually up to our quality standards. The "Blemish" on these bumper guides is that the powed coating is not perfect.**


Get rid of that sloppy-looking bumper sag with the Storm Bumper Fitment Guides. Tighten up those body seams while making your bumper easier to mount and dismount. Each piece is powdercoated for extra resistence to the elements. Hardware is included! NOTE: may take up to 2 weeks for orders to ship. Installation may require minor bending or cutting of fender to make sit right. (There's a little tab on the oem fender that has to be bent out of the way. You'll see it when you install...)** Fits front end with pop-up headlights only **.** FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY ** (NOTE: THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON PRE-ORDER PARTS)

Storm 180SX Front Bumper Fitment Guide (Blemish)

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price