*** IN PRODUCTION NOW*** HEADLIGHT MOTOR RELOCATION KIT-TYPE 1When running a high mount intercooler kit you can no longer mount your headlight motors in the factory location, resulting in a lot of people having to run with their headlights always up. This kit was produced to remedy that problem. Because we all know sleepy eye looks best! Here are some key features:- Relocates the headlight motors down to the frame rail with a water-jet cut steel adapter plate- Comes with new CNC threaded rods, bolt sleeves, and all necessary hardware.- All parts are finished in a high quality powder coated finish(Note: my personal car does not have the wiring still for the headlight motors but if you swipe left, the video will show you how the kit works) Install video coming next week!*** FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY *** (NOTE: THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON PRE-ORDER PARTS)

Headlight Motor Relocation Kit Ver. 1